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Echoes of Our Ancestors is committed to impactful projects . . .


Soul of Thoroughbred Racing

This Mini Series  Documentary Film With Negro Slave Familes Developing  Expertise in The Craft As A Family Efforts To Bye Freedom From Sucess On The Racing Track  And The Breeding Training Barn Talents Crafted The 1800S Racing Sports NegroS Pressence Was Almost Complely  Maequeed With A Negro Labor Force & Skill Set Of Negro Jockey Riders In 1875 for the first running of the Derby African Americans dominated the race track 13 of the 15 jockeys were black including the winning Jockey Oliver Lewis Who At His Height Was Even Posioned  this is part of the history you can learn about . Into The 20th century African American jockeys and trainers start to disappear due  to segregation and Jim Crow laws Along  With The War On The Negro Jockey preventing black jockeys even world class champions from getting access to license to ride While Brutal  Attacks on them both on the track and off the track and the deliberate corraling of white jockeys endangering the black jockeys  and the horses they mounted By Smashing Them Against The Wall In Races So They Could Not Pass With  Horse Owners Making The Ultimate Decessions To Not Use Black Jockeys Mounted  On Their Prize Horses In Fear For Danger Of Harm To The Exspensive Horses N The Jockey  World Famous Champion Jockey JIMMY WINFIELD  Had To Leave The Country In The Middle Of A Winning  Streak That Consistented Even In Europe 

March on The Capital

MLK Documentary On The Life & Thought Of MLK Jr . Inspired by his witness and activism in Ky . This Film chronicles the journey for Black Liberation in the US. And the fight to build democracy for all.


Stone Soul Derby

A Channeled Birdseye Veiw Of The History Of The Mammoth   Black Sports Gaints Winning History Of Celebrated Champion Jockeys And Right From Derby Thousands inside placing their Bets Blacks Created Backyard Parties Around The Region To Celebrate The Men Who Championed The Sport Of Thoroughbred  Racing In The Kentucky Derby in 1875  through 1903  until The Jim Crow Era pushed them Out Of The Sport & It's Social Pressence Now Some Of World's Biggest Parties And Fashions N Style & Black Horse Owners On Millionaires Row And Hollywood Guest & Black Sports Star Guest To Screen In Documentary 

Freedom Land

ECHOES OF OUR ANCESTORS Series: The Documentary  Explores The History  Of Central Kentucky Negros In The 1870s  Exdous That Saw Areas Negros Leave Over 75%  Of Negros Migrated  Out Of Central Kentucky For Opportunity To Run From KKK Jim Crowe Laws To Land Seeking Land-House Ownership And A Future For Thier Familes  With Indepth Footage From A Summitt Of Academics Professors  Historians  And Native Ancestors In Central Kentucky  and Nicodemus Kansas.  Conversations On The Power Wealth Of Even Plantation  Vice President Owners Of Slaves Who Left To Follow The Exodus To The  Local Ancestors  Whoes Familes Stayed  The Documentary  NICODEMUS  $5 FIVE DOLLAR EXODUS Will Amaze Your Prospective On The Black Population  That Vanished From Central Kentucky


Black Sports Hall of Fame

The Documentary Uncover The Fogotten Pioneering Negros Mainly as integration open the door for the back black athlete to burst on the scene with record-breaking Trend setting abilities The black Sports Hall of Fame Marquee the greatest sports talents and innovators in the United States in categories that stretch from the Negro Baseball League up to modern day major league baseball MLB Blacks in horse racing trainers and the world famous black jockeys Amature Sports  Olympians greats men and women  And Black Colleges NCAA Championship Post Jim Crowe changing the landscape of sports forever NBA ABA WNBA  NFL AFL Tennis gymnastics soccer Ice skating And hockey And Professional  Boxing From Post World War Up Until Today 

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